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Do you up-cycle?



What can you re-use or up-cycle your CBD moisturiser for?

What is up-cycle anyway?

This is when we re-use an item (usually some type of packaging) for another purpose instead of throwing it away or recycling its different components. Also known as creative reuse, revamping and transforming unwanted products or materials into something with more use. (The environment and the landfill sites will thank you for this too). So let’s see how creative we can be 😉

Today we are going to find some uses for our 30ml CBD moisturiser jars.

Breakdown – glass jar (flint), aluminium lid, PP label.

Upcycling ideas:

Use the glass jars for keeping jewellery, spices and kitchen condiments (all at home chefs love little glass jars for storing spices). Or for storing buttons and little bits and bobs such as: hairpins, clips and ties, cotton swabs (soaked).

The clear glass allows you to see what’s inside the container making finding what you need that much easier. The perfect travel size container. At 30ml – you can refill these jars with cleanser, moisturiser or body butter that you need to take with you when travelling. Since they are made from glass and aluminium they are super easy to sanitise easily by putting in the dishwasher or washing in hot water with a soapy solution. Tea light candle holders – cute little candle holders which will leave your home glowing just like your skin after finishing your products. We like to use our CBD moisturiser jars to plant cute little succulents in, they look absolutely gorgeous and make great decorational pieces on a cabinet, windowsill or table. At Pura Vida, caring for our planet is one of our biggest passions. Without mother nature, we wouldn’t have access to any of these incredible ingredients we use on our skin daily. Where ever possible we choose 100% recyclable glass over plastic.
upcycle CBD moisturiser container eco friendly

Recycling doesn’t need to be a chore. Upcycling and recycling your skincare empties may feel like a baby step but can have a huge impact on reducing your carbon footprint and reducing landfill waste. Don’t ever think you are not contributing…small steps is all it takes.

Have any upcycling ideas? Leave us some of your tips in the comments below!

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