For fresh and dry armpits all day long

Forget about classic deodorants full of chemicals and replace them with natural-based products. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, CBD deodorant successfully fights against unpleasant odors. The formula enriched with CBD extracts, sage extract, and coconut oil soothes your delicate underarm skin leaving a silky soft feeling. The gentle scent of wild lavender from the island of Hvar gives you a feeling of freshness throughout the day, while vitamin E and coconut oil provide additional nourishment and care. The natural deodorant based on CBD oil soothes even the sensitive skin under the armpits, relieves irritation, and naturally protects it without releasing toxins.

The power of natural ingredients contained in a CBD deodorant

Let the fresh scent of a CBD deodorant accompany you all day – without additional chemicals. CBD extract, arrowroot powder, and zinc oxide help to neutralize unpleasant odors and are responsible for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, shea butter and coconut oil hydrate the skin and provide it with unique care. Our unique CBD deodorant – free from parabens, sulfates, and aluminum – soothes even the sensitive skin.

Natural underarm protection against unpleasant odors

Look for natural protection against unpleasant odors during everyday activities and try a CBD deodorant. It contributes to maintaining the “internal balance” of your organism. The combination of natural ingredients with zinc oxide, shea butter, and arrowroot powder will become your faithful companion on every trip. Therefore, use it daily to prevent sweating, the development of unpleasant odors, and to protect your skin from irritation.

How to use CBD deodorant?

Simply take a small amount of deodorant between your fingertips and gently rub it into dry skin after showering. Let some of it soak in before getting dressed. Use it in the morning or in the evening for natural protection against unpleasant odors. In order to prevent clogging of pores under the armpits in the future, exfoliate the skin regularly. Allow your skin to breathe and opt for a deodorant made from 100% natural and organic ingredients for healthy, smooth, and well-groomed underarm skin. It is especially suitable for application after shaving.

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