The most important benefits of CBD for men

Cannabidiol, a natural ingredient obtained from the cannabis plant, soothes irritated skin and nourishes and moisturizes it. Just like ladies, every man needs proper facial care, depending on his skin type. Browse the Pura Vida Organic webshop for a complete line of certified CBD-based care products. Start with the CBD for men facial cleansing gel suitable for daily use and sensitive skin care. There is also a CBD aftershave lotion that will soothe the skin and alleviate irritation from shaving. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of hydration and protection, there’s nothing better than an aftershave lotion made of natural and organic ingredients.

CBD oil for healthy and youthful skin

Our CBD men’s skincare products are specially formulated for men with sensitive skin. They are enriched with cannabis extract in the form of CBD oil, which helps in moisturizing and soothing irritated and dry skin. In combination with other natural ingredients such as tea tree oil or lavender flower oil, they make a winning combination for men’s care. Take advantage of the many benefits of CBD oil for men and treat your skin with perfect care.

Antioxidants from CBD oil are effective against free radicals

CBD oil does not contain THC, so you will not be in a state of euphoria. However, it is rich in antioxidants that prevent the harmful effects of free radicals responsible for various inflammatory conditions of the skin and the body in general. With regular use of CBD for men’s skincare products, your skin will be healthier and have an even complexion. CBD-based cosmetic products have an antimicrobial effect, so they are also suitable for treating pimples and reducing redness.

How to use CBD skincare products for men?

Using CBD cosmetic products for men’s skincare is no different from your usual facial care routine. Apply the cleansing gel to the face in light circular motions. You can do the procedure twice a day after washing, and apply the aftershave lotion immediately after shaving. It is quickly absorbed, so you will not have the feeling of oily skin.

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