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Organic certified CBD skincare

We produce organic CBD skincare & cosmetics.

CBD oil, CBD anti aging serums, moisturizers, balms, elixirs, massage oils, body butter, shaving gels and an upcoming range for problematic skin.

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Pura Vida - 'Pure life'

A way of life. A path you choose when you know what’s best for your body and mind. It is a philosophy we apply to our lives, the things we consume, and the organic products we create. At Pura Vida Organic (PVO) we make minimalist skincare using natures most powerful ingredients to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin.

What makes us different?
Learn about us, why we are called Pura Vida - a saying from Costa Rica meaning 'Pure life', and how we are pioneering our own path in organic beauty.
Biodynamic farming
We work closely with many of the farmers of our raw materials. Our lavender comes from the local island of Hvar, our Hemp is grown nearby biodynamically and specifically for us. From seed to shelf, we work with people who share our environmental values.
Recyclable & reusable packaging
As we try our best to migrate to plastic free options, in the mean time, all of our products are using recyclable and reusable glass, aluminium, and only where absolutely necessary and while better options do not exist - recyclable plastic.
Sustainable packaging
Our boxes are made out of 25% grass, using a resource more abundant than wood to create the unique packaging that houses our products.
Our products are made with care by the hands of the wonderful ladies in our community who make every day a new and fun experience. We aim to create jobs for mothers ❤

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Hemp plant

The star ingredient.

CBD – Cannabidiol

We produce our unique range of cosmetics with many incredible ingredients, but for us, the star remains CBD – Cannabidiol from Hemp. If you have heard of the benefits of hemp and CBD, you’re going to love Pura Vida Organic CBD cosmetics and skincare products.

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Our skincare production laboratory is located just outside of Zagreb, Croatia. Our facility has been inspected and certified by the highest certification boards in the cosmetics industry: GMP, SGS ISO 9001, SGS ISO 22716, COSMOS, HACCP.

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SGS ISO 22716
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The meaning of


A phrase originating from Costa Rica which translates to “pure life” or “simple life”. It is a way of life. A path you choose when you know what’s best for your body and mind. It is a philosophy we apply to our lives, the things we consume, and the products we create. To us, Pura Vida means providing you with the purest possible natural alternative to mainstream cosmetics, with minimal environmental impact. Skincare crafted with nutrient dense organic certified ingredients that can be used on the most sensitive of skins and used by the most selective of health conscious consumers.

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We’ve spent years learning how to perfect and package great products. Harness our expertise in these areas to get your new product line to the market fast, and right the first time.



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Gloria magazine featuring puravida organic cbd skincare products

Gloria magazine

We are proud to be featured in Croatia’s leading magazine, ‘Gloria’ for their ‘Life after the Corona virus’ themed issue.


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